Illness or coincidence?

Posted by jasminasul
Jul 17, 2008
I have a dog who was poisoned twice and on both occasions I managed to make her vomit immediately and she was fine. A couple of months later she woke me up with a funny face and I thought she had been stung by a scorpion. After a few minutes her head was definetly swollen and then she started to vomit. She was in obvious pain in her abdomen and the vomit and feces had some blood, some of it seemed old. Her vet said she was allergic to wasps or bees and the vomiting was just a coincidence. Could it be some other illness or maybe an ulcer caused by the poison "Lanate"?.
Posted by Todd
Aug 6, 2008
Great question.

I would trust you vet with this one. i am not an expert on scorpions but the swollen head fits perfectly with an allergic reaction. The bleeding i am not so sure but if you are worried ask your vet again

Posted by jasminasul
Sep 11, 2008
Thanks, Todd. I`ve found something out that might solve the mystery. My dog has Ehrlichiosis and this caused the internal bleeding and vomiting when she was stung. She is now being treated.