Injured dog becoming aggressive

Posted by jacoby
Aug 5, 2008
My 10 month old Papillon broke his right front leg in a nasty fall 2 weeks ago.
He's since had surgery to have it pinned & casted & also has been back twice for re-casting & a check of the incision-everything looks fine & he should be getting the cast off in another 4-6 weeks. Since the injury, he has become quite aggressive towards strangers and especially other dogs & cats. (he always hated cats but not dogs). He was socialized with people (not many kids though) at a young age, but unfortunately has only been around a few other dogs. However he did okay with the dogs he did meet before and he certainly never instigated anything. I've always been allowed to have him at work from time to time with me and prior to the injury he was always friendly & outgoing with everyone. Now he is okay with "regulars" that stop by but anyone new, especially kids, get him growling, barking and trying to get through the baby gate enclosure I have for him to get at them. He also has begun barking and growling when in his crate which he hasn't done before. At home, it is only my husband & son & I and he hasn't really changed his behavior with us, although he has slowed down from his usual hyper self (medication I'm sure is cause). I've been told that the injury is probably causing him fear aggression, I'm wondering what I can be doing to curb this behavior. Classes & exercise are strictly off limits until after the cast is off. My initial reaction is to try to comfort & protect him, usually giving treats and just telling him no barking & petting him & I hope that is all I should be doing?
Any words of wisdom would be very appreciated!
Posted by KOPsBecks
Oct 17, 2008
Reassurance and comfort are the keys to fix this situation. You're little dog needs to learn that strangers will not hurt him. So yes, if people come round comfort him and praise him for good behaviour. Slowly introduce him to people and get him comfortable with people petting him. Reassure him for all good behaviour around people.
Good luck, hopefully this problem can be resolved asap