Loose Stool

Posted by Dandy
Nov 21, 2008
Hi! got a few questions
1. My 20 month old Rotweiler always poop a soft stool. The first poop is okay which I then take her for a walk. After a few minute break and walk her again she nows relieve herself with a much softer stool.
- what will be the best cure for these ( she is update for deworming and feeding her dry dog food and give her water afterwards>

Thanks in advance
Posted by Annie
Dec 14, 2008
I´m not sure that this is such a problem. Perhaps she needs to go a bit more often than she is allowed and 'holds on'.
My fix-it for when my dog has loose stools ( i.e she is a bit sick) is every meal I give her a small ammount of dry food, plenty of grated apple ( suprisingly good for humans as well) some muesli, and some good quality yoghurt. The yoghurt settles the bacteria in her stomach if there is a problem, the apple really is the key, and the museli is for 'cleaning her out' a bit. It does take a couple of days to settle down. But I have really no worries when my dog has a small poo that is soft and often as a second poo, however, where I live we do not need to pick it up....so....I can see the problem.
Good luck,
Posted by Maggiesmom1
Dec 16, 2008
I always give my dogs a tablespoon of canned pumpkin when they have poop issues--either too hard or too runny. The pumpkin is a fiber and it helps to bulk it up right. You use real pumpkin, not pie filling type. It comes in a can in the vegetable section of the grocery store. Most dogs love it.