My Rotty (7 weeks old female puppy)

Posted by kjf12000
Apr 18, 2008

I just got my puppy about 1 week ago and my wife and I have just felt a knot which feels about the size of a quarter on her right side next to her rib cage about two to three inches up from her last rib. Should this be a concern for us? Has anyone experience this type or similar issue with their pet? Any known possible things this maybe?

Thank You for all of your repies.

PS: This is our first pet.
Posted by Kate
Apr 29, 2008
Hi and congratulations on the new addition to your family!
Now begins a very exciting chapter with plenty of challenges, but many more wonderful experiences and memories.

I'm not sure exactly what it is that you're describing on your pup. Is it a hard lump? Can you move it around at all or does it feel attached to the tissues below the skin? Does it seem to irritate her, or is she completely nonplussed? I think it would be advantageous to have your pup looked over by a vet. In any situation where you are unsure about something medical it is always a good idea to give your veterinarian a call. They will be able to let you know whether it is something that needs an immediate consultation, or should come right on its own.

On acquistion of any new pet, you should take them in for a general check over to make sure they are healthy. It's a great opportunity for you and your pup to meet the vet who could be treating them for the rest of their life, so if you can, its good to make that first time a pleasant one! If your rotty can associate the clinic with good experiences then it will make future trips less stressful for all involved.

Your rotty will also be due (or in the very near future) for her vaccinations. There are different protocols depending on the area you are living and what your vet prefers, but generally and at the bare minimum, puppies need to have shots to cover them against some rather nasty diseases like parvo and infectious hepatitis. Your vet will be able to explain exactly what she needs to have done and when.

So I'm sorry I can't give you a likely diagnosis, but hopefully this is helpful to you.

Posted by kjf12000
Jun 1, 2008
Thank You Kate for the reply. We did take her back to the VET and they said it was just from the shot she received.