Please Help!

Posted by jwoods
Jul 1, 2008
I found some worms in my dog's stool this morning. I did some internet research and it seems like it's tapeworms. It looks like rice...
I have 2 dogs but only one seems to have the worms. Do I need to get them both treated?
Also, I heard that it's from them eating fleas but they don't seem to have fleas and I don't think they ever have. Is there anything else that could have caused this or do I need to assume they have fleas?
How long does it take for worms to be visible? Should I assume he's had them for a while or could he have just gotten them?
Posted by Kate
Jul 7, 2008
Hi there,

Worms and fleas are very common in cats and dogs. You're right that tapeworm is usually transmitted to hosts by fleas. Tapeworms live in the body cavity of fleas and when cats and dogs unknowingly ingest fleas while grooming the worms are released into their stomach. They do not usually cause severe signs in the host but I would recommend you treat your dogs. Fortunately this is very easy.

There are many products available, from both the supermarket and vet clinics. Personally I wouldn't waste my time on the cheaper but often less effective supermarket brands. Ask at your vet clinic for the best product to suit your pets. Many of the flea products available are a liquid that is applied to the back of the neck and lasts for 1-3 months depending on the specific product.

Worming tablets are generally very safe. Puppies should be treated every 3 weeks until they are about 12 weeks old, then every 3 months until they are 1 years old, and after that just once a year should be fine. Since you've got worms in at least 1 of your dogs I would treat them both for worms and fleas now and then in about a month.

Hope this helps,