Shedding spot

Posted by elmariachino
May 12, 2008
Hello Todd,

My dog has a very healthy coat, but it's been 2 weeks, and on one spot only,
the hair seems to be shedding (very few hairs left).
What could be the reason (it' on her back, self mutiliation is not the case)?
Should I take her to the vet?

Thank you.
Posted by Kate
May 15, 2008

Skin problems in cats and dogs can be very complex and frequently require several diagnostic tests before the cause can be found. Your vet can do these tests and instigate the necessary treatment.

I think for your peace of mind, a trip to the vet would be a good idea. Just remember to let them know about any changes that may have occurred in the past month or so, such as food, new environment etc.

Good luck,
Posted by elmariachino
May 18, 2008
Hey Kate,

I took Cheena yesterday to the vet.

Eventhough it doesn't show, he says she has a a kind of very small fleas that are difficult to see. So the bald spot could be caused by her scratching.
So we started a flea and ticks treatment yesterday and he asked me to put some iodine on the spot. According to him there is no signs of fungus.

But still i'm not confortable about this issue... why is it just one spot?? (now i can notice some hair loss on her face and inner thighs as well).

We will go back to the vet after one week.

Thank you,
Posted by elmariachino
Jun 12, 2008
Hi there,

It's been a month I am treating my dog for her bald spot on her back
and two small ones on her face.

The vet has already given her 2 shots, he asked me to administer a cream (he prepared it), a spray (an antiseptic with lavender scent) and iodine.

It's been a month and no significant improvement shows yet.

I can say that the veterinary service here is not fabulous.
Does anybody have a clue about this kind of problems?

Thank you.