St. Bernard in Delhi, India

Posted by Jay
Sep 5, 2008
Hi I have recently pet a St. Bernard with me. He is four months olds today. I brought hin to my family on May 2008. It has been 3 Months that he is with me.
This time has been really good.
He is an awsome dog in looks.
Recently, One of my friend visited me and shared that

1. He(My Dog) will welcome lot of health troubles after he is 2 year of age.
2. In Delhi, India the temprature fro 6 months ranges between 26 degree centigrates till 46 degree centigrates and for rest of 6 months temprature ranges between 6 degree centigrates till 16 degree centigrates. And this temprature in not tolerable by this breed.

So please help me by suggesting me corectly

Posted by foxi7778
Sep 5, 2008
Hi, sounds like you have a gorgeous dog there Not quite sure what health issues your friend is refering to? You could possibly encounter behavioural problems with him around this age as it's usually around this time a dog will turn into an unruly teenager, but as long as you keep on top of his training and make sure he knows his place you should be OK and having him castrated will also help.
St. Bernards, like most large, heavy coated dogs do prefer colder climates. Do you have a cool area where he can go to escape the heat and is there anywhere he could swim or have a paddle around? Just be sure not to walk him during the hottest part of the day...maybe keep walking to a minimum until the evening when it's cooler. Be sure to carry plenty of water with you for him to drink and you could also carry a cloth that you can wet so you can wipe down his forelegs and ears which will also help to cool him. Be sure he always has access to fresh drinking water around the house as well.
If you are worried about him becoming bored and excitable when he can't be walked as often, then up the amount of time you spend playing with him as mental stimulation tires dogs out almost as much as walking them. Try playing games like hide and seek with a toy or treats...dogs like this have a tremendous sence of smell and love to have it put to the test.
ALso without sounding cheeky.....I can see the attraction with having a St. Bernard, we nearly did....but why did you get a breed that couldn't tolerate your climate???
Posted by Jay
Sep 5, 2008
Thanx, for your reply Foxi.

He was sharing with me about bone problem due to heavy wieght, spinal problems, and heart problem.

I otherwise spong my dog atleast once or at most twice a day. He always has an access to water.

I had a doberman pinscher bitch prior to this breed, i had good 10 years with her she died of cancer.

I got fascinated by the beauty of this giant as i love having dogs which are recognised for their bold & power looks. But unaware of these facts.

I do not want to disown this dog and their are lot of people here in delhi who have petted saint bernard.

Posted by foxi7778
Sep 6, 2008
Hi again, the damage to bones and joints can be minimised by limiting the amount of walking your dog does as a puppy, not letting him use stairs or jump etc. I own 2 large breed pups....although they look like adults now ...and have had to be very careful with regards to exercise. Were your dogs dam and sire hip scored and heart tested? If they were and found to be normal, this should mean there is less chance of your pup encountering genetically inherited problems with his hips and heart and you should just be as careful as possible with him till his growth slows down. Your vet will be able to check your dogs hips and heart at the relevant age if you are worried. Is the breeder of your dog based in India, they may be able to give you more advice on how to keep him cool?
Posted by Annie
Sep 15, 2008
I have no idea how relevant this is...but...a friend of mine had this breed and he always gave him a raw egg with his dinner ( every day) he used to give the dog a lot of milk and calcium, things that are good for bone stability. Maybe you could go on the Net and see what some of the breeders are reccomending for this breed?

And I agree with Foxi. DonĀ“t let him jump or spring for a very long time, even if he can and wants to.
Posted by foxi7778
Sep 16, 2008
Swimming is also good for helping build muscle around the joints and as it's a low impact exercise it won't do your dog any harm...don't know how easy it would be to find somewhere for your dog to swim in India and it depends if you dog likes the water too Does your vet have a hydrotherapy pool? Raw eggs are more for the dogs coat and if you are giving milk, try goat's rather than cow's as it contains less fat