Posted by MAX2008
Oct 21, 2008
I have here a very difficult problem with my 7 month old pitbull ... my dog is not eating the food which I am giving him !!! Before he was eating without any problems, now I am trying with him too many kinds of food but his appetite is very bad, I took him to veterinary hospital and they told me that he is ok. and they don't know what to do even I tried to give him appetizer from the pharmacy, it helped him for sometime then again he is not eating, I took him for long walk-in cook for him I tried to give him the best dog food, I gave him meat I play with him too much but still he is very stubborn he is the one to chose when and what to eat, he is not skinny he is 22kg now, no worms sure.... I give him the tablets every month on the same time, I see his stomach is very sensitive, one time diarrhea or vomiting if I change his food, what to do?? How to increase his appetite??? I feel sorry for him too much that's why I give him raw meat they told me it will make him stronger and not sensitive, is it true? He likes meat too much ... helps me please..... I am fed up.....:confused:
Posted by Maggiesmom1
Oct 27, 2008
You can research how to give your dog a raw food diet. Check out this web-site: [url=]BARF Diet - Healthy & Natural Raw Food For Dogs & Cats, Pet Health Care Food & Nutrition Products Supply Online[/url] . This is a very good way to feed a dog and even picky dogs can't resist raw meat! But you need to be careful that he gets all of the vitamins he needs.

I have a dog who has a sensitive stomach as well. She doesn't like most dog foods, but loves all home cooked meals. She's not thin either. I think dogs know when they are allergic to a food or its just not suited for them. That is why they refuse some dog foods.

We are lucky that our dogs are not on the skinny side. At least if they keep weight on, then they are eating enough calories per day. I know its frustrating because we all love to feed our dogs.

Do your research and start making your own food. Your dog will love you for it!
Posted by hele9001
Nov 9, 2008
My bearded collie didn't eat either, but she was real skinny, and she is 9 months old so very important to have a complete nutrition, I give her whole rice, cooked carrots, and raw ground good quality meat, all this mixed with 300cc, of milk,(and at room temperature, she dislikes cold food,) which fortunately she can digest because many dogs get diarrea from milk, Y give it to her when I go to sleep, she sleeps in the room with me, and during the night she eats it all, I finally solved with this after trying 4 different brands of dry food. I add a scoop of a supplement, and its working now. The strange part is that when she didn't eat and I mean didn't eat at all, she was as rambunctious, happy and lovable even tho she didn't eat, I tested everything from hormones to thyroid, and nothing seemed to be wrong. It does cause a problem when you teach her stuff because she isn't food motivated. Hope this helped.
Posted by foxi7778
Nov 10, 2008
The BARF diet is brilliant for picky dogs as the others have said. If you find all the information on BARF a bit daunting another couple of tricks to try with your dog are......Keep him on the same diet, but mix it with a good homemade meat stock (you can make this in bulk and freeze it till needed), this will make his food taste and smell more appetising. Another thing to try as you say he decides when and what he eats, is to put his meal down to him, leave it for 10 minutes and then take it away wheather he's eaten it or not. Do this every time you feed him and he'll soon realise if he doesn't eat it while it's there, he won't eat it at all. The second one works really well with most picky dogs I've met