To sterilize or not?

Posted by Sharon-S
Dec 3, 2008
I have a 16mth Cavalier KCS and she is very small for her breed, in fact when people see her they think she is still only a pup.
I don't think I would like to breed her, but am reluctant to finalise this just in case in a year or 2 I changed my mind.
What are the health benefits of spaying compared to putting up whith a bitch on heat which isn't too much trouble as we live on a farm and there are no male dogs too nearby?
Posted by Maggiesmom1
Dec 16, 2008
As an animal rescue person, I am always in favor of early spay/neuter of all pets. But, I can see your dilemma. The number one reason to spay your dog is the health benefit of reduced incidence of mammary tumors which is the number one malignant cancer in female dogs. Studies have shown, that as long as a dog is spayed by age 2, you can greatly reduce the risk of these tumors forming. Of course, the other obvious risk is also when she is in heat, she escapes and mates with another dog and you end up bringing 6 more mutts into the world. If your dog is not the perfect size for her breed, then breeding her is probably not a good idea anyway for the future of the breed.

Its your choice. I applaud you for doing the research and asking questions about it. An informed decision is always the best.
Posted by love-cavaliers
Feb 5, 2009
If you go to [url=]Welcome to Ottawa Cavaliers[/url] and click on care, you will find an article about neutering written by Dr Christine Zink, DVM, PhD.

I would not recommend breeding a small Cavalier specimen. The incidence of Syringomielia is getting higher and higher, and squeezing a Cavalier brain into a small skull is cruel.