Posted by trine
Dec 20, 2008
Hi, my puppy had her first vaccine for parvo + other diseases (Dectoplan) a week ago and she's going to have 2 more (4 weeks apart). I live in an area with a high parvo risk (lots of "homeless" dogs that haven't be vaccinated) and I'm wondering when it'll be safe to take her out for walks? One vet said it'd be fine a couple of weeks after her first shot, another said that I had to wait until she was finished with the vaccine programme.
She's had a rough start to life...I basically found her in the garbage. She was full of worms and scabies and quite weak. But now, 3 weeks later she's growing, happy and full of energy. I have no idea of when she was born but my vet reckons she's about 3 ½ - 4 months old now.
Does anyone have a third opinion on when I can take her out for short walks?
Posted by Maggiesmom1
Jan 10, 2009
IMO, I would wait for one more round of shots (at least another month). I know you want to take her out and show her off, but if you live where there are other unvaccinated dogs roaming around, its much safer if you keep her in your yard.

She sounds like a lucky dog---I'm glad she found you.
Posted by KOPsBecks
Feb 5, 2009
Word is direct from the vets mouth that you should wait to finish the entire course of vaccinations before taking your puppy out, especially in a high-risk area!