5 month old Lab mix - UGH!!!

Posted by pzarazua
Apr 6, 2008
We adopted a Lab mix pup when he was around 6 weeks old. House training him has been spotty. Since I work outside of the home, he is in his crate all day. In the beginning he would obviously go in his crate, but he no longer does that, and he is great at holding it all day. He is also great at holding it all night as well. I take him out in the morning, feed him (don't yell at me, but I am always rushing in the morning, so he is fed in his crate). The second I walk in the door when I get him, he goes out directly, and does his business, then he has to go again about 15-20 minutes later (not so much pee, but poo) then again a little after that (sometimes within 2 hours of being home, we have been out 4 times, and he poops each time).

My issue NOW is, that he gives me no warning when he needs to go. He will be sitting by me, and I am petting him, then he runs off, and there is a puddle in front of me. He just does it..... Like I said, NO WARNING at all.... He will look right at you and pee..... I scold him and take him right outside, telling him "potty outside" "no potty in the house" but it is doing no good.... It's only getting worse. What am I doing wrong? I don't remember it being this difficult with my other two dogs.....
Posted by Todd
Apr 6, 2008
Hi there and thanks for the post.

I guarantee you i won't yell or tell you off because you haven't been doing anything wrong

It is very hard to fix these sort of problems when your puppy won't give you any warning. Just to make sure he doesn't give you any warning it may be a minor thing like a whimper, a look or following you around a lot.

When you are at home try and take him out as much as possible. That means every hour as well as before and after feeding and playing. The fix to the problem is getting him to his toilet area more often....not trying to stop the accidents as such.

What you are doing when you find he has made an accident is perfect. Make sure that when you clean up the mess that you use the paper etc to put in his normal toilet place.
Also it is really important to use a good deodouriser when he messes. Removing the smell will stop him from making it a habit to toilet in the same area over and over again.

When you do take him out ignore him and wait. If after a few minutes he hasn't done anything take him back inside and try again later.

The reason he may be toileting is due to being young. Just like children puppies need time to develop bladder control and this is something that will keep developing
When you pet him he may relax so much that accidents happen so try and pet him for shorter periods but more often. This may help.

It may seem frustrating that there is no straight forward way to fix it. But time and mroe frequent toilet trips are the way to go.

Please let me know how things go and if i can help anymore

Posted by vicknron
Jun 17, 2008
we have an 8 month old lab/husky mix. somehow, we have managed to train her to go potty inside. she'll kind of "talk" to us, so we let her out, and she can be outside for hours then she'll come in, pee on the living room rug, then want outside again. we holler "NO" when she starts to go in the house, and put her outside, then when she finally goes outside, we praise her and give her treats. and every so often she does it right and we think we are making progress, just to have her pee in the living room again. my poor rug is losing its color from being cleaned so often.
Posted by pzarazua
Jun 27, 2008
One thing our trainer told us, and was VERY firm on, was to keep them on a leash when inside so you can keep an eye on them. It does work, as one of my co-workers was having this issue with her shi-po. As for my dog, he rarely has accidents in the house anymore, when he does, I know who is to blame for that, and it's not him.

Are you praising your dog WHILE she is going potty outside? That helped us as well, of course I am not an expert