9 week old pup

Posted by tinkerbell
May 10, 2009
Hi, we're getting a 9 week old puppy. How often should I take it outside in the night to start with? Should I schedule times or just wait until she wakes me up?
Posted by KOPsarah
May 19, 2009
Hi tinkerbell and thanks for you post.
If you feed your dog two hours or so before bed and limit water an hour or so before bed you should be able to take your puppy to the toilet once before bed and maybe once in the middle of the night 4-5 hours after the pre-bed toilet trip, and then again as soon as you get her up in the morning. Once she is toilet trained you can leave her with access to puppy pads all night if you prefer so you will not have to get up. If you find she is not going to the toilet when you take her in the middle of the night as she gets older you can cut back to only taking her if she wakes you.

Hope this helps and if you have any other questions about your puppy don't hesitate to ask.