Breaking Habit of Peeing in Bathroom instead of his designated place in basement.

Posted by deejay
Feb 7, 2009
I have a 11 month old ShiPoo (male). He was really my grandson's dog, until he did not have the proper time to spend with him, therefore I would keep him sometime. I became his sole "owner" when he was about 6 months old. I am a 76 year old female. I am not able to take him outside to potty, so I set up his bathroom area in the basement. Since I have a 3-level home it was suggested that I may have to also put a potty area on another floor. This I did, on the second floor in the bathroom. I did not use that area for long, but he still remembers the area that he once used. even though he has free access to the basement. Now that the dog is older I would like him to only use the basement (he does get to go outside occasionally, which he loves). However, he still remembers that he used to go in that bathroom even though there is no pee pad there at all, he will go anyway whenever he has the run of the house. I would like to break the habit of the bathroom and only use outside and the basement, but so far, no such luck. Any suggestions?
Posted by Maggiesmom1
Feb 9, 2009
My first thought is an easy one---just close that bathroom door and do not allow him to go in there at all for a really long time. Dogs are creatures of habit. Sorry I can't offer you more.
Posted by deejay
Feb 11, 2009
Thanks Maggie. That is what I'm currently doing, the only thing is that I don't live alone and sometimes we forget to keep the door closed. But in the meantime I will continue and perhaps it will eventually break the habit.
Posted by LetsPlay
Feb 14, 2009
Hi there,

yes dogs are certainly creatures of habit. I guess it is hard for him to understand that suddendly he is not allowed to go to his usual spot anymore.
It's hard for a dog to understand.
You could perhaps put a sign on the door to remind everyone to keep the door shut (draw a picture for the little people in your house that can't read yet).

Perhaps you could also spray some citronella oil on the floor in the bathroom. Dogs can't stand the smell and he might not fancy going in there anymore.
Just make sure you only use a little bit, so that the whole house doesn't smell, which would be cruel.

Good luck.
Posted by deejay
Feb 18, 2009
Thanks for the citronella tip. I will try that and post the results. You're all so kind.