Can puppy be trained by older dog?

Posted by junecpg
Aug 22, 2009

I just brought a second puppy home, an 8-week old male westipoo and have difficulty trying to toilet train him. To be fair, it has only be 4 days but it has been quite frustrating as I'm following the Paper Method but doesn't seem to improve. He has been the most stubborn for the past few days. I know that he is adjusting but is not showing any improvement for the past few days.

I would just like to ask if my current 7-month old female toy poodle, whom I want to lead by example and is the leader amongst both of them - is there any chance that Sparkie (the westipoo) will be able to follow her habit of pee/poo on newspapers? Has this been practiced and proved to be workable?
Posted by kjd
Aug 24, 2009
Hi, Junecpg.

Yes, dogs can learn from each other. Years ago, our cocker trained our shepherd puppy not to go upstairs (or down into the basement), not to jump up on the kitchen table, and (not all lessons were good) to bark at the mailman!

In obedience class, when being proofed individually, the dogs carefully watch. If one dog gets caught out by a distraction, the next dog will usually ignore that distraction. It is fun to watch them learn from each other.

Will Sparkie learn from the older dog where it is proper to toilet? Don't depend on it. It will probably help him learn, but you are talking about an 8-wk old here. Your best bet is to have him surrounded by papers until he goes. Take him there on waking (anytime he naps), after eating or drinking, and after playtime. If you crate him whenever you are unable to watch him (or leave him in a place completely covered with newspaper), you shouldn't have any accidents. Don't expect such a young dog to go to the paper on his own. At some point, you can gradually reduce the number of papers in the spot where you toilet him. If he uses the uncovered spot, return to a totally covered area for a few more days. If he only uses the papers, you can gradually reduce the number until you are at the size you want his toilet spot to be. Don't hurry it. You want him always to be right. I think it takes children a little longer than 4 days to learn to use the toilet properly. Be patient and he will finally learn.

Good luck.
Posted by junecpg
Aug 24, 2009

His bed is in a crate and outside the crate, there are four gates around him and all covered with newspaper. Initially, he was finding spots without newspaper and go toilet there but now, I think he is getting the point that he should pee/poo on the newspaper. So far, no more accidents (as I covered the spots with more newspapers) and he is peeing and pooing on the same spots he did as I followed the Paper Method. I will slowly reduce the newspaper-covered areas and hope that he will get better.

Sammie's toilet area is different from his as hers is out of the room (she has better control) and his is right outside his crate.

Will monitor him more