Chessie Puppy - walks & piddles.....

Posted by Johnny-Tsunami
Jun 4, 2008
Our four month old Chesapeake Bay Retriever is very inconsistent with his bladder control. I'm guessing he's just immature (had a Chessie years ago with similar problems), but thought someone would have advice. He keeps his crate dry about half the times he is in overnight. He is developing a few favorite pee spots outside (finally), but he still will not go to the door to try and get outside when he has to pee. He will also not squat to pee inside, but instead will just walk and pee at the same time - almost impossible to see until it's too late. He does the same thing on the outside deck and the patio around the pool. Only when he on grass or dirt will he squat and pee like a typical puppy.
My hunch is that he has developed this "talent" of walking & peeing to avoid getting scolded/caught peeing inside.
We do limit him to small areas of the house (always supervised and not carpeted) and he has had a through physical exam including a check for urinary infections.
Other than that, he is a well behaved puppy and is responding to training with flying colours!
Posted by Todd
Jun 12, 2008
Hi there and thanks for the post

Puppies can take a long time to get toilet trained and will keep on making mistakes for a while. I am glad you have had him checked out as that is the best first step to make sure there is nothing wrong.

It is good you are making progress with him and i think this may be an immaturity problem more than anything else.

The toileting he does as he walks may be more of him not realising that he is doing it more than finding a way to avoid getting in trouble.

I am glad you are working on a good spot for him to toilet. Are you using the dirty paper in his toilet spot as this can help a good deal. The other important thing to use is a good deodouriser like SOX to make sure that he doesn't make a habit due to smell.

As for the night issue i think it may be a good idea to spend a few weeks getting up in the night to help get his bladder under control. Start with getting up around 2 or 3am and taking him out. After a few days you can slowly extend the time till you get up by say twenty minutes. This will help him slowly extend his control until he is close enough to morning to hold on.

The other thing i think is important is to make sure you are getting him to go to the toilet regularly. I like to take pups out every hour as well as before and after play and feeding. These are the most common times your pup is going to need to go.

Another way to stop him messing is to take him to the toilet later when you head to bed and to get up a little earlier to see if that helps.

I think this is mostly an immaturity issue and the work you are doing is great. When he needs to go he may give little signals like coming to see you more, whimpering or wandering. Until he shows these well then take him out as above. If that doesn't help try putting a dog door in so he can choose when to go.

You are doing a great job so keep up the good work