Clicker Training

Posted by freewillow
Jul 3, 2009
Does any one have a good article describing the "clicker training". does anyone have an experience (good or bad) with it. I am interested. Thanks
Posted by Idan-Kashi
Jul 4, 2009
Glad to see someone is even interested in it. I can't really say I am "clicker training", but I do my best to do. I won't make it too complex for you, just take a look [url=]YouTube - Clicker training as a method vs using a clicker[/url]
Posted by kjd
Jul 4, 2009
If you go to the dragonflyllama website, [url=]Index[/url], and click on "Training Levels," they have a step-by-step introduction to clicker-training. Also, Karen Pryor is the trainer that first introduced us to clicker training with her book "Don't Shoot the Dog". She has one site at [url=]Karen Pryor Clickertraining| dog training and cat training info, books, videos, events[/url]. You can buy her books on Amazon.
Good luck,
Posted by KOPsarah
Jul 5, 2009
Hi freewillow, and thanks for your post
I have used a clicker with my dog in the past and it can be a really useful training tool especially for teaching more advanced tricks such as mark touching. It is commonly used in zoos in this way to teach zoo animals to walk into crates and do various other things. It can also be used to help train dogs that are finding normal training a little confusing. The basic idea is that the dog learns to associate the sound of the click with treats/praise so that eventually in order to quickly and clearly reinforce the dog all the trainer needs to do is click. Many training groups and website will use slightly different methods so have a browse around and see which methods sound best to you.