Direct or paper approach for apartment, please help

Posted by gonic
Mar 28, 2008
We just got lab retriever pup 10 weeks old, he has been with us just one day,
I’ve read about direct and paper method and understand that you should introduce direct first, but since we live in apartment paper method appears easier, but we are very active family and spend a lot of time outdoors and we would like our dog to be able to eliminate outside. Could you please help with some suggestions with apartment living and house training. We have really big, big terrace, I don’t know if that might help.
Thanks in advance
Posted by Todd
Apr 3, 2008
Hi there and thanks for the question.

It can be difficult to choose a good method. I prefer the direct approach it is faster, easier and less messy

The best way to use the direct method in an apartment is to get a piece of astroturf or turf. Put this out on the veranda. This will be your dogs new toilet area.

Take him to it as often as you can, before and after feeding and play, and first thing in the morning and at night. Use the same command each time eg go toilet

The great thing about this is it doesn't have the mess and it makes it easier to transfer to the outdoor situation.

Follow the method as laid out in Sit Stay Fetch. It should work but i will be here to help if you have any more issues.

Good luck

Posted by gonic
Apr 10, 2008
Thanks Todd,
He is realy doing great with paper method on veranda, he learned it in 2 days. We'll try astroturf or turf now as you sugested. Thank you
Posted by miyaboy
Jun 27, 2008

I have 3 dogs who are 4 years of age.(2 mini pin. /1 golden retriever). They have not been house trained due to my negligence. I am now planing to housetrain them. But I am not sure whether to use the direct or paper method as i live in landed property. I would like it to go to the urinate and defecate on the grass when i bring them out for walks and when at home they should urinate and defecate in an area of a room assigned to them. Ialso have another problem. The male mini pin always will mark territory in the pet shop whenever I bring him there. This is quite an embarassment to me. I wish to solve this problem but I have no idea how. Could anyone please give advice and help me?