Dog on couch

Posted by elmariachino
Apr 23, 2008
My dog is not allowed on the couch and she knows this well.
But lately i've been finding her hair on the couch everytime I get back home.
While I am present, she never gets on the couch, this is happening during my abscence.
Any interpretation?
Thank you.
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Apr 23, 2008
Hi elmariachino!

I interpret it as obviously your dog has found out she doesn't get reprimanded when you are not around

If you really don't want her to get on the couch anytime, you can do 2 things:

1) Use a training mat that runs very minor electricity when touched (quite expensive but it is available) or put a big card board that can flip down when she tries to get on the couch to scare her.

2) Put some object that occupy the couch so that there is no room for her (we used to put our son's guitar on our couch to keep our German Shorthair off the living room sofa - he was allowed on the other couch that he claimed as his He died last year at age of 15 and 4 mos.

Or, just cover the couch so that her hair doesn't get on it. However, this won't help if you are keeping your dog off the couch as a part of the Alpha training.

Good luck
Posted by elmariachino
Apr 24, 2008
Thanks Max,

Yesterday I left some cushions on the couch and it seems to work well.
I even got her a new bedding that she seems to like.

Sorry for your German Shorthair