Eat Just on Command

Posted by elmariachino
Mar 17, 2008
Lately I'm having some worries about a neighbour who might poison my dog (she said it as a joke, but since then I'm sleepless). I warned her, but I know that in her craziness she can do it.
What I was thinking about, is how to train my dog not to eat but on command. I know this is one of the most difficult things to train a dog for, but this can save her life and prevent me from going to jail.
Any clue??

Posted by Todd
Mar 27, 2008
HI there

This is a really tough one because a dogs natural instinct is to eat.
I don't have any particular method but have some ideas that may help

1) Basic method - Place her food down and make her wait. If she goes toward the food tell her off and make her sit again. At first start with a period of say 10 seconds and then slowly make it longer and longer. Always use the same command. Use a word your neighbour would never use like sandwiches or mountain Will make you smile at least

2) You could try putting paprika on some food and leaving it out. This may put her off eating random food that is lying around.

If all else fails tell your neighbour that even though you knew she was joking that it still wasn't a nice thing to say. Gauge her reaction and then go from there

Posted by Lyndsay
Mar 28, 2008
I have tried to do this to my dog its works but only when im around i did it by making her sit and wait for her food it took a lot of work but now when im with her she wont touch her food or any food until i tell her to but when shes on her own its different.
Posted by elmariachino
Mar 29, 2008
Cheena doesn't touch her food until I allow her to. But as Lyndsay said this works when I am around.
What i'll try to do, is having someone throw some tasty steaks filled with chilli paprika over the fence to her yard.
I guess this will take some time but will work eventually.

Thank you.