Eliminating in the exercise pen

Posted by mihadj
Nov 4, 2008
I have a 9 months old Chihuahua/Mini Pincher mix puppy. I am trying to fully housetrain her since she was 2 months old (when I brought her home). She does not eliminate in her crate where she stays at nights and sometimes in the afternoon. She stopped since she was 4 months old. She had many accidents in the house since I brought her home until I caught her in the act last month and reprimanded her. Since then she goes outside for elimination if she finds the door open. Two weeks ago, she defecated in front of the door twice, perhaps waiting someone to open the door. My next step is to train her to notify me or my wife when she wants to go out by ringing a bell.

During working hours (Mon-Tue 07:00-17:00 and Wed-Fri 07:00-15:00) I leave her in her exercise pen in a small room in the house. She eliminates in the pen and for this reason I use papers in one corner. She always eliminates on them. During the afternoon and the weekends she is free to roam in the house and the yard and eliminates outside.

My question is whether I can make her stop eliminating in the pen when I am out for work and how. Only then I can give her full run of the house when I am out. Can she hold it for so many hours (10 or more sometimes)?
Posted by foxi7778
Nov 5, 2008
Are you able to get back during the day to let your dog out or get someone else to?? 10 hours is a very long time for a dog that young (or any dog) to be left alone....would your bladder etc hold for that long?? If you are going to leave your dog for that length of time I would advise still leaving papers down to avoid unecessary mess elsewhere and also make sure she has plenty to occupy her so she doesn't become bored and destructive.
Posted by Sparky
Mar 14, 2009
My vet told me that the longest a dog can be expected to hold it's bladder is about 8 hours, and that is a mature dog. Puppies can hardly make 4 hours. With the time she spends in her crate/kennel, not able to go to the bathroom, I would worry that she would develop kidney/bladder problems.

One option you may want to consider is putting her in a puppy daycare. You wouldn't believe how happy dogs are in that type of situation. Plus they excerise and train dogs in the day care facilities. She would be so much happier.

Just think of how she must feel, she get up in the morning just to be put in a kennel for 10 hours without seeing anyone. And the biggest benefit to you is you wouldn't need to walk her after work, although it would be nice, but she would get to relieve her energy at the daycare.

Something to think about,