Eliminating in the same spot??

Posted by Candy1
Dec 4, 2008
I keep hearing that the dog (in my case a 10 week jack russell/ beagle mix) should eliminate in the same spot. My dog never does this. Maybe the same room or someone in our backyard but will never do it in the same spot. I have tried the training pads and she will not use one of them more than once. Is this normal? I'm completely new to dog training (first dog). I'm also curious about the eating. I understand they should eat twice a day, but my question is should I always have water out for her?

Thanks for any advice or these subjects.
Posted by foxi7778
Dec 4, 2008
I have never had a dog that has always gone in the same place...same area, yes, but never the exact same spot, so I don't find this unusual Most puppies will normally go on the same mat more than once if they need to...maybe yours is just a bit more fussy, or maybe she just prefers to go out to relieve herself?
At 10 weeks old I would be giving your pup 3 to 4 meals a day rather than 2 and water should always be available regardless of what climate you live in. Hope this helps a bit and good luck