Expecting too much???

Posted by Elaine
Dec 29, 2007
I have a (just turned) 4 month old Border Collie. She caught onto the direct method of going out very fast, but I still have to watch her every move to tell when she has to go out. Is it too young to expect her to get the idea she needs to let me know she has to go? If not, how do I go about training her to do that? I am trying the bell on the doorknob idea....but no luck so far.

Thanks for your imput!

Posted by Todd
Dec 30, 2007
Dear Elaine

Thank you for your question about your border collie. At 4 months you can still expect some minor problems but i hope i can help.
She sounds like a very smart and well trained dog. She is still young and so it will take time and effort to toilet train her.

The bell idea is a great one but there are a few more things you can try before you rely on that. Your dog will tell you when she needs to go, but the signs may be very subtle. From things such as pacing, vocalising or following you around. Watch carefully and you may pick up on the signs.

The other important thing is to take her to her toilet spot as often as possible, at least every hour, as well as first thing in the morning, last thing at night, before and after play and feeding. These are the times most puppies need to go and if you can take her out then she will learn to tell you. Every time she goes out give her the same command and wait until she has toileted then praise her. The better and more happy she feels about the process the more likely she is to tell you when she needs to go.

The bell idea is good but she is still young, give her time and she may learn to tell you. You may want to consider putting a dog flap in your door so she can choose when she wants to go out.
She sounds like a great puppy, give her time and patience and im sure things will work out. Good luck.

Kind regards
Todd Field