Golden Retriever peeing his bed?

Posted by Rodrigo
Jul 26, 2010
Hi! DIMITRI almost always pees outside but sometimes he just pees on his bed...

He is 10 weeks now, sleeps in the kitchen, and we regularly take him out so he can take care of his business.

Also, he will not go outside by himself during the nights or early in the morning when he needs to do number 1 or 2, so when we get up we find his presents...

Everything's fine when we go with him during the day though. He would pee and poo and look for his treat!

What can I do?

Posted by KOPCaroline
Jul 27, 2010
Hey Rodrigo,

First off, does Dimitri have the ability to let himself outside at night and in the morning, just as he would during the day? Or do you let him out every time. Some dogs take a bit to get used to knowing when they have to go outside everytime, and it might just take patience, but if you're using different routines during the day than you are at night, the pup might not be getting the message...
Posted by Rodrigo
Jul 27, 2010
Hi, yes, Dimi has access to the yard during the night and also while we are at work. He is slowly starting to go out by himself... to play, explore, etc. but really depends on us to pee or poo outside. I hope this is a puppy thing and gets better. What do you think?

Posted by kjd
Jul 28, 2010
Hi, Rodrigo!

Is Dimitri a bit afraid to go outside at night by himself? The dark can be a bit scary -- besides all those strange sounds, smells can be different. I think this is a puppy thing and he will get better. Until then, you can cut down some of it by cutting off water after 8 or 10 at night (I'm not sure what the best time is; someone else can probably tell you) and adjusting his feeding and playing schedule so he is more apt to just sleep through the night.

Posted by KOPCaroline
Jul 29, 2010
Hey again,

I think kjd's idea is a good one. It most likely is tied to him being so young, puppies take some getting used to grown up schedules, and often need to toilet throughout the night at first. As he grows up, and you help him, he'll get the idea and sleep through the night and go toilet first thing in the morning.

It is a good idea to limit access to water from about 8pm, we did this with our pups when we first got them, and it really helps. Exercise later in the day will help to tire him out for bed. And, if you take him out to toilet right before you yourself go to bed, and then keep him in the quiet house for the night, he'll catch on.

Good luck! I'm sure Dimitri will adjust fine