Help! 8 year old Maltese Urinating and Pooping in the house

Posted by fallbear1
Aug 29, 2010
I need help please. We adopted our Maltese 6 years ago and he was housetrained( his previous owners had a doggie door) we also have a doggie door as we had another dog that was 11 years old(border collie/mix) at the time. 2 years ago we ended up taking in our daughters 11/2 year old Cavalier King Charles, our Maltese knew him well as we had him stay with us from the time he was a puppy. Problem is my Maltese has started peeing and pooping all over our house. We had the carpets replaced and shampooed at least once a month and have had to replace our couch and chair. Boowie (Maltese) uses the doggie door when were home but as soon as we leave the house he starts peeing everywhere, We had to put up the doggie beds when we left as he would pee on them including his own. We ripped out all the carpet and replaced with vinyl flooring. We have never once caught him in the act. I can walk downstairs to the laundry room and come back up and he has peeded on our kitchen table chairs, the doors, stoves wherever it please him he looks at me like Ha Ha gotcha I just pick-up the mess and tell him to go outside and potty and he does in which we give him praises for going We took him to the veterinarian and he did not have any UTI or other health issues. We make sure that each of our dogs get equal attention and play time with us. We bought a soft crate for when we are gone to work and the 1st day he had it he tore it apart. We bought a metal crate and he took to peeing outside of it so his bed inside wouldn't get wet. We are at our wits end and are looking at giving him up which we have never done before but I just don't know what to do! Any suggestions would be helpful.Thanks
Posted by kjd
Aug 30, 2010
hi, fallbear1,

Sounds as if you have a real problem here! When did he start this indoor peeing? When did the border collie mix die? It seems there must be some change that has upset him.

You've tried a soft-side and a wire crate. Have you tried a plastic crate? He can't tear that up and I don't think he could pee outside it. Get the smallest that he can stand up and turn around in.

The crate is just a fast fix while you find out exactly what the problem is.

Please let us know about any changes in his environment,
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Aug 30, 2010
Hi fallbear1,

I know how you feel because I have the same problem with my little kitten although it's not as bad as your case. In my kittens's case, I found out it is caused by stress. She didn't pee outside of her litter boxes (we have 4 boxes) for over 2 weeks but as soon as I brought 3 foster kittens she peed on my bed and the couch in front of my eyes!!

Anyway, lets go back to your case. As kjd asked it is important to know when it started. My guess is it started when you brought your daughter's King Charles Spaniel in. As he is also a male dog so Boowie is trying to mark and claim this is his house. Do they play together well, or do they at least get along well? Does the KCS intimidate Boowie, or does Boowie puts the puppy in his place? In any case, I can see that Boowie is not happy with the current situation. While you can teach him not to mark by reprimanding him, it is more essential and effective to fix the situation.

I give same amount of attention to all my 3 doggies but I have made a pecking order very clear. The first dog gets the first attention and everything else. The second dog is the second and the 3rd dog is the last. Each one of them gets his/her turn but I always stick to the pecking order and they know that very well. This way, my dogs don't have any threat or intimidation among themselves and they always keep an harmony.

Are you treating your Maltise as the first dog? I think he deserves that. Your daughter's dog is an added dog so he should respect and give in with Boowie. I might be totally wrong about the relationship between the two dogs so please let us know how they interact with each other, as well as with you and your family members. I understand that Boowie is deemed as a toublemaker and he can sense it. Peeing everywhere is his way of saying he wants your attention (although he only gets a negative attention)

Please don't even think of giving him up because of his misbehavior. That is totally not fair for the dog, as well as to the people who would take him. It is like transfering your trouble to someone else. I would love to help you if I can so please let us know more about the environment, we might be able to see some hidden reasons of the behavior.
Posted by KOPCaroline
Aug 30, 2010
Hey fallbear,

I think it is important to identify when the trouble started, and I'm putting my chips in with MaxHollyNoah and guessing it was the puppy's intro to the house. Its common for existing animals to stress out with the addition of a newcomer, especially with a large age difference like your guys.

I'm basically totally in agreeance with MaxHollyNoah, a pecking order should be established, preferably with Boowie at the top. Fed first, toys first, praised first, attention first, everything. He should know he's still number one, even if he's got company now.

How long has the puppy been there? If its a new development it might just take a little time for things to settle down and Boowie to get used to the situation. In the meantime, with the pecking order idea, a plastic crate, as suggested by kjd, might be a good investment, or puppy pads around your wire crate. Definitely remember to get the smell of urine out of whatevers been peed on, lingering scents only encourage repeats.

Hope things look up!
Posted by fallbear1
Aug 30, 2010
Thank-you all for getting back to me. Belou the Cavalier, came to live with us just under 2 and a half years ago permanently. Boowie established himself as the dominant dog over the 2 dogs. They get along very well and play together well. Boowie started to urinate and poop after Belou came to live with us. We thought Boowie was jealous of Belou and he would soon get over his jealousy and also stop urinating and pooping in the house. It has never stopped and we couldn't discipline him becasue we never caught him in the act. I must admit that we did not put Boowie as the first dog. Belou is always the first one to greet us and he loves to cuddle with us when we are on the couch. Boowie is not a cuddler but loves to give kisses and have his belly rubbed.I like your idea of the plastic crate but must also admit that putting him in the crate makes me feel quilty as he never was crated until recently and then not for more than an hour as I feel bad about it I just use the excuse that he will now use the doggie door (which he does when were home)
We have immediatley started to use your suggestions by putting Boowie first.We neutralized our whole house last night. Our 17 and a half year old dog Sami died last Sundayall 3 dogs got along well together and Boowie actually didn't pee or poop in the house for 3 days and then started back up. Any further suggestions will be so appreciated and we really love Boowie and Belou and want to keep the two of them together as they get along so well
Posted by kjd
Aug 30, 2010
Well, fallbear1,

Definitely looks as if Belou's joining was the problem. It shouldn't take long for Boowie to realize he is back where he belongs first and the inappropriate p&p should stop. So forget the plastic crate.

I'm so glad Boowie will soon be happy!