Help!! New puppy owner

Posted by rbeldon
May 4, 2009
Hi, i just brought an 8 week old Shih Tzu puppy (first time puppy parent) and i am having housetraining problems. Since my husband and i work during the day we crate her and she has a fit. Is this a good idea? i have read that i should and i shouldn't. i was told to put her in the laundry room area with her food, bed and potty pads during the day and at night crate her. isn't this going to confuse her? i don't know what to do. what if she doesn't use the potty pads since she hasn't been using them? when we are at home we leave her in a contained area where we can watch her and take her outside to potty every 30-45 minutes.
Posted by KOPsarah
May 5, 2009
Hi I have posted a reply to the crating situation on your other post. Also don't forget to look at the house-training tips in your secrets to dog training manual. It usually takes a few weeks to get young puppies trained reliably and it can be hard when your working but you'll get there!

Good luck and enjoy your new puppy.