Help! So frustrated with housetraining

Posted by andrea9187
May 29, 2010
Hi everyone, I have an 11 month old mixed breed puppy who I've been desperately trying to housetrain since I got him from the humane society 7 months ago. Basically, he pees/poops outside and then when I bring him back inside he will poop inside even if he's already gone outside. I feel like he may know that it's wrong because he'll only do it once I've walked away and he's out of sight. I've tried to take him out a second time after bringing him in to see if he'll go but he doesn't. I'll also keep a close eye on him once we come inside but there's only so long I can monitor him. I've tried crate training early on and it kept him from going when in the crate but that was all. I have also sometimes had trouble getting him to poop outside in the first place. I've tried almost everything and sometimes he just will not go outside so I'll keep him in a confined space inside so he won't go then continue to try and take him out over and over again and he still won't. I don't want to have to keep him confined all day though. But regardless, even the times he does poop outside he will still go again inside also. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! I'm trying hard and getting no results so it's really frustrating!