Help with Pyrenees going in house

Posted by psrien
Mar 4, 2009
We adopted a Great Pyrenees about 6 weeks ago. he's a 2 year old male that was never house trained. after going for walks & spending plenty of time outside to go to the bathroom, he comes in the house & goes to the bathroom. we can't figure out why!
Posted by LetsPlay
Mar 12, 2009
Hi there,
yes, that happens a lot.
Unfortunately you dog is already quite old to be house trained. It is of course still possible, but it might take a while longer than with a little puppy.
Your dog simply hasn't made the connection yet of where he is supposed to go.
This will take some time.
He might think that it is the right spot. Always make sure that you clean up his mess thoroughly and use a spray that eliminates the odors. Dogs remember where they went because of the smell and will go again in the same spot.
Make sure you always praise him enthusiastically when he does go in the right spot. Praise quietly while he is doing his business and then go crazy with praise when he is done. Give him a treat if you like.
If he does go in the house say "no" in a firm voice and then take him outside to the spot where he should go, then praise, even if he doesn't go.
If you clean up his mess with paper towels inside you might want to hold on to some used once and take them outside with you. Put them in the spot where you want him to go and let him sniff them while you ask him to do his business. The smell might make him do it more easily and if he does it praise him.
Have a look at the house training guide, there are some good tips in there.
Good luck and please remember that it will take some time.
Posted by Sparky
Mar 14, 2009
John's advice about using the paper toweling as a training tool is true. I had the same problem, except my dog was still a puppy and decided the house was where he wanted to go. So after about 6 times of cleaning up the mess, I decided to throw the paper towel outside (okay I was really mad and wasn't thinking), after the towel went out, I put the puppy outside and told him to go.

I was still mad, but as a good owner I kept an eye on him. I watched him sniff the paper toweling and the next thing I know the little guy was urinating outside! I thought "Wow that was cool!" I had to repeat this step when he pooped in the house, but this time I didn't throw the toweling outside I placed it in an area I wanted him to go. About 2 hours later I took him out so he could relieve himself and by golly, he sniffed the paper toweling and decided to do both his jobs. I also found out that one reason he didn't like to go outside was that he didn't know how to get back in the house. I had to show him how that worked, by returning to the door and bark to let me know he wanted in. After he learned that little trick we were off to the races.

Try it and see if it doesn't work. Although like John said he's older and it might take awhile for it to sink in, but he'll get it.

Good luck,