House trained but has started to wee when we're out

Posted by Janey
Jan 12, 2010
We have had a rescue dog for two months, she is 14 months old and is house trained but recently she has started to wee on occasions when we are out, having never done it before. It doesn't seem dependent on how long we are out as she has done this when left for 20 minutes and not done it after being left for a few hours and we always let her in the garden first. She does not do this every time we are out but because we are out we can't 'catch her in the act' to point her behaviour out to her. I would prefer to remedy this without having to use a crate or limiting her access around the house. Any suggestions as to the cause and solution?
Posted by crazycrayonmom
Jan 13, 2010
The first thing would be to make sure she doesn't have a physical problem like a urinary tract infection. I have a few questions about the potty accidents. In which areas of the house is she urinating? Is it in one room or multiple areas? When you let her out to potty before you leave are you going with her to make sure she does it?
Posted by Janey
Jan 14, 2010
Thanks crazycrayonmom; Maggy (the dog!) has wee'd in a bedroom and the kitchen but think she's resorted to the kitchen because we now close the bedroom door! Generally we will make sure she has wee'd in the garden before leaving her. There has been another development which is she wee'd in the kitchen whilst we were in so caught her in the act!
Posted by kjd
Jan 14, 2010

If poor Maggy urinated right in front of you, that would seem to confirm crazycrayonmom's suspicion she may have a urinary track infection. Before trying to train her out of this behaviour, please have a vet check her out.