I don't know when he needs to go?

Posted by tommyssally
Dec 31, 2008

I adopted a shepherd/ huskey mix from the shelter about a month ago. They told me he was about 2.5 but the vet said he is only 10 months old. That explains a lot! Well, he hasn't barked yet. He makes no sound. Not even a whimper or whine.

I keep him baby gated in the kitchen at night and while I am at work and he is just fine. Only one accident the first day.

My problem is that I don't know when he needs to go! I try to take him out frequently enough but the past couple days he has peed when I took him in the basement. He made no signs that he had to go. He is very calm all the time.

I've heard about training with a bell. I'm worried that he will just start ringing the bell when he wants to go outside for other reasons. My yard is not fenced so I can't just let him go out. I usually walk him or put him on a 40ft chain, but I don't want him to be chained while I'm not out there.

Any suggestions?

Posted by LetsPlay
Feb 10, 2009
It might be a matter of watching him very closely. Most dogs start to move around and sniff the floor before they need to eliminate. He might just show very little signs. The more you watch him the more you will get to know him and be able to recognize even very minor changes in his behaviour.
Dog usually need to go to the toilet within an hour after meal times and after they had a sleep. If you are able to have some kind of routine you might be able to predict his needs and take him outside. For example always feed him at the same time and take him outside straight away. You can also teach him a command. Every time he goes to the toilet outside say "be quick" or "go toilet" (or whatever else you will comfortable with) while he is doing his business. Praise him or even give him a treat. With time he will learn to put his action and your command together. This will help to make sure he goes to the toilet when you tell him to.
All the best
Posted by Idan-Kashi
Feb 10, 2009
Ring-a-bell technique is very useful. In order to prevent cases which your dog will just ring the bell for attention and play-time outside, you need to make it clear - ringing the bell has one meaning.

You can do it like that:
After your dog has rang the bell, take him out. If he grabs a ball or start fooling around, immediately without any cooperation from your side get him in and close the door.
If he starts to sniff and to show signs, wait for him to make his business, don't talk or make any movements that may interrupt the behavior. After he finishes, praise him a lot and get inside. Give him the feeling of "you did it!". Soon he will learn that when he needs to pee/poop, it's better to do it outside.