Keeping him IN!

Posted by Risa
Sep 10, 2010
I'm am so upset about how my mom wouldn't let my naughtyboy in the house. My friends are allowed and they have a great bond with their dogs. As for me, I can only do that when I visit him. If you think it's not a big deal, my house is large (note that I don't live in USA or UN). I have to go down the stairs walk to the other side of the room to the kitchen then go to the pantry then walk through the big marble room to a big door which takes me effort to push.I tried convincing my mom to let him in after I house train him someway (since he's not allowed in the house I don't think he'll have the straight idea of what a marble floor is and pee on it.) I don't know the way of house training him and if you think my mom should give me a chance to let him in to understand, that will never happen, he's still a pup and their and tons of antiques everywhere. Plus he is very active and could trip me over! I am still a preteen okay. I wanted to have a strong bond with him and I can't help him being lonely everyday even if I am going overboard and I don't know our neighbors well ( I don't live where you think I live). I need an answer! Concept is: How to let my mom let him in, How could I housetrain my dog out side, How could I make a stronger bond (if you say learning tricks, that doesn't work cause' all he wants is the treats), How to make him less active. I need a quick answer and fast! Thanks! Oh, I also want to know in what ways do we know what he's thinking, doesn he like me, or still don't understand me? :confused:
Posted by kjd
Sep 10, 2010

Your mother is responsible for the house and what she says should go. However, you may be able to talk her into letting him into that last "big marble room." Just for some play time during the day or a bit of quiet time with you. Still, it is her rules. (From what you say, she didn't want you to adopt this dog, did she? So letting you keep him has been a big concession on her part.)

When your study involves reading, could you read outdoors with your puppy? This will give him a bit more time with you and you can work on teaching him to be calmer.

Because of your age and situation, you will probably not be able to raise him perfectly, but few dogs are raised perfectly. As he grows, you will be amazed at how he turns out. He can never look you in the eye and say "Risa, I love you!" He is a dog and you are his human: you feed him, play with him, exercise him. He cannot help but love you. Don't worry about that. It is a bad habit to get into, to need constant proof of love. Different people show love in different ways. Women have been know to drive their husbands away because they want them to show love in the way they want. Love grows with time. Be patient.

Does he understand you? Well, he is younger than you are and you don't think you understand him! You speak a foreign language, not dog, and he is trying his best to figure out what you want him to do. At the same time, he tries to tell you what he needs and wants. So you have to learn one another's language, just a bit.

I know you cannot help worrying about it, but you will end up with a strong bond with him. Just try to spend a few minutes each day with him -- feed him, play with him, walk him. When your friends visit, try to have them visit out in the yard with him.

Let us know how the two of you get along. (And don't get upset with your mother -- someday, you will have your own house and know how she feels!)

Posted by KOPCaroline
Sep 16, 2010
Hey Risa,

I have to agree with kjd, its your moms house, so her rules apply. You can have a thought out conversation with her about the efforts you are willing to take to keep puppy out of trouble, but the final decision on his coming inside is hers.

Its very hard to housetrain a dog while keeping them totally outdoors. The best suggestion I can give you, if its a task you really want to get through, is to train him to only use the bathroom in one area of the yard. If you can pen him or tie him up in an area, let him use the bathroom there, then you can progressively enlarge his area in the yard as he learns not to use the bathroom anywhere but his starting area. If he uses the bathroom in an area you don't want him to, reduce his accessible space and start over a level down. I can't say I really recommend this method, however, if he's kept outdoors all the time and has high energy as you say, its better to let him use his available space to the max. Dogs tend not to use the bathroom in one outdoor area either, they are a bit turned off by the smell and tend to go a bit of a distance away from the place they last toileted. But you could give this a go.

As far as puppy's energy, its up to you to help him get it out! Take walks, go for runs, ride your bike with him (on the sidewalk, roads are scary), play fetch, keep up with his training, even if hes a bit distracted by food at the moment. All these things are ways to help him get energy out. You can make brain teaser toys for him, get a 2 litre soda bottle, cut a few holes in it and put some kibble in it, he'll have a blast rolling it around and bopping it til all the food is out.

If your mom's willing, see about taking him to puppy classes, or obedience classes. These are a great way to bond with your little guy, and he'll learn to obey you as his "boss dog".

While he might not get everything you want him to do (or not to do) the first time around, repetition is key for getting young dogs to learn whats ok and whats not. And of course he loves you! As kjd said, you feed him and take care of him, how could he not? Dogs are amazing in their capacity for unconditional love. He might seem uninterested in you sometimes, but thats just puppy behaviour; remember he's still exploring the world, and everything exciting to him.

He will calm down a bit as he gets older, but not for a while, so keep his playtime up as much as you can, and find good ways to just sit outside with him. Read a book, eat a snack, talk on the phone, whatever, but you can do it outside at least some of the time, and bond with him at the same time.

Have fun with him