My dog chases and pounces on our cat

Posted by mollyowner
Nov 10, 2007
We had three cats and my dog Molly(90 pound labmix) chased after them when they would go by her. They tried to keep a low profile and hide, but Molly pounced upon their backs. We had to put two asleep a year apart due to the damage to their back ends and other complications. She doesn't seem to do it in an aggressive manor, just a hard playful way(sort of).
We have one cat left who is 13 and has avoided being critically wounded so far. Every time the dog goes after him I can get her to stop if I am present. I call her name and say NO. Otherwise I try my best to keep the cat outside when we are not home. It is impossible to do this at all times. ANY SUGGESTIONS on stopping this behavior before #3 gets it. I loved all my pets and don't think the dog meant to hurt them.
Posted by Blue
Dec 6, 2007
Have you tried squirting her with water or making a REALLY loud noise when she does it? A tin can full of stones, a noise maker etc.

It's really good to prevent the behaviour before it escalates to the aggressive playfulness, if you can predict when an "attack" might occur and take action to distract the dog (loud noise/treats) before the behaviour occurs, it might be more effective then calling off the dog after the behaviour occurs.

I'm sorry to hear about your other two cats, that would have been very hard...

Best of Luck, hopefully the pro's here have more advice for you!

~Blue's mum.