Need HELP potty training 2 puppies

Posted by srichardson1958
Jun 23, 2008
Help!! Hi.
We just adopted 2 14 weeks old puppies.
We live in Palm SPrings, Ca. and it is HOT. Therefore training is alot different since the cement is HOT.
We have a doggy door in the laundry room where they sleep and eat. My husband built an (outhouse) for shelter from the heat and hot cement so they can't get out to the "real" grass. They DO use it; however we have a large kitchen long and narrow that we let them come into and play since it's so hot outside and I have PEE PADS around, they use those too. We let them out alot during the morning hours to play and just hang in the wet grass, then I bring them in for nap time and put them back out again, so they are definately able to go outside when playing. THE QUESTION IS: HOW DO I MOVE THE PADS AND HOW OFTEN TO GET THEM TO ALWAYS GO OUT THE DOGGY DOOR? When the summer finally ends they will be able to go out. I've thought about just having them ALWAYS in booties but as a puppy I'm sure all they will want to do is pull them off. ANY SUGGESTIONS?
Posted by Todd
Jul 10, 2008
Hi there and thanks for the post.

The idea is to move the mats very slowly so they don't actually realise they are being moved.

The best way is to move them around 20-30 cms every day or two. Move it either towards the closest exit or to the door you want them to go out mainly.

If they stop using them then move them back to the point where they were using them or otherwise don't move them until they start using them again.

Good Luck