Need help housetraining adopted dog

Posted by ruxandra
Apr 27, 2009

I have bought the Sit-Stay-Fetch course after adopting our poodle mix, Princess.

Princess had been rescued from a backyard breeder where she had mated at 6 months with her brothers, and we got her at 11 months, after her pups were all adopted.

She had never lived in a house (except for the crate at the foster's place), was scared and very aggressive towards all dogs and people, was nipping any kid trying to approach her and soon after she bonded with me became very aggressive toward my husband, too.

All this changed within a month after using your wonderful techniques, and for this we are very grateful, because we were considering returning her to the rescue place. She still barks at kids running, but stops when I call her name. What has not changed, however, is her preference for going to the bathroom on carpet (white carpet throughout our whole house ). The only areas safe are tiled (bathrooms) or with hardwood (foyer & kitchen). We've had her for 8 months now, and the kids call her their "forever" dog (our perfect dalmatian died at 12 years old).

After a 35 min walk she might still poop on the carpet 5 min after we came in. Pee an hour later. She never asks to go out (unless there are deers or bunnies within sight). I am constantly rewarding her for doing her business outside, but there's no incentive for her to not do it inside whenever she feels like it. She always hides from us now to do it, because I told her a firm NO every time I used to catch her in action.

Please do help.
Thank you,
Posted by KOPsarah
Apr 30, 2009
Hi Ruxandra, thanks for your post
Before we look at behavioral changes and training I would just first like to ask if there is a possibility that she is incontinent and cannot control her defecation and urination?