New Puppy - really need help please

Posted by Charlie
Jan 23, 2008
I have a brilliant new puppy who is 11 weeks old. When he came from the breeder at 10 weeks, he had been trained to used newspapers in his run. Over the last week the weather has been really bad, so he has been superb in going without fail on puppy pads by the back door in the kitchen. Now I want to train him to go outside, and over the last 2 days I have taken him out regularly first thing in the morning, after feeds etc, and stayed with him, but he just plays and will not eliminate. As soon as we come back in, he goes straight away on his pad in the kitchen.

I have also tried putting him in an outdoor play run area on the grass, after he has spent time in his indoor crate beforehand so I knew he would want to go, but again after 20 minutes he still had not gone, so I bought him back in -he then went on his pad again.

The problem is further complicated in that when I eventually do get him to go outside, when I will have to leave him from time to time, for up to 4 hours, I will have to put down his puppy pad to keep the house clean.

Could anyone give me any advise please what I am doing wrong, or how I should go about it. Also, will I be confusing him by trying to get him to go outside and use his indoor pad where necessary when I have to go, and whilst he is still a puppy

I did try removing the pad from the inside, and move it to the outside where I wanted him to go, but when he came back in he just went to go on the floor where his pad normally is, so that will not work.

Many thanks, Charlie.
Posted by Elaine
Jan 27, 2008
Hi Charlie,

Try putting the puppy pad just outside the back door first and move it farther and farther away towards the area you want him to evetually use, after each time he sucessfully uses the new spot. It may take a while, he feels safe in the house.

Can you not put him in his crate when you leave for 4 hours? That's when you need to use it...that is not a very long time if he is used to his crate. He should not go in there and will learn to hold it.

Hope this helped