New Puppy with existing dog

Posted by louise1956
Apr 19, 2008
I am getting tomorrow a 3 month old Australian Female Kelpie. I have a Cross between a Silky and a maltese Jackie who is 4 year old. He has a wonderful temperment and is quiet and good on a lead. He is easy to train and comes when called most of the time.

I have heard the kelpies if not train correctly can be a handful. I live on an acre with a half of acre fenced enough that Jackie does not get out.

I also work 4 days a week and want to do the right thing with them. And I would like her to be an inside dog sometimes.

Can you give me some suggestions on how to start training and whether they would be ok sleeping together or in their separate beds.

The female puppy has been sleeping with her mother and sister.
Posted by Todd
Apr 24, 2008
HI there and thanks for the post

Sorry for the delay in replying.

Firstly see how Jackie and the pup get on. If they are well mannered with each other then having them sleep together shouldn't be a problem. I still think separate beds are a good idea even if they only share one. It gives them their own little place away.

In terms of training. It is best to start simple.
Remember to follow the alpha training principles to avoid any problems later.

1) All the dogs in the family should be fed last and never from the table

2) When you arrive home wait 10-15 minutes until the dogs have calmed down before you give them any attention

3) If any of the other dogs are lying in the hallway make them move out of the way. Stepping over or around them only lets them know that they are boss. If he is being aggressive then leaving a lead on him will make it very easy for you to move him safetly.

4) All of your dogs should wait until you have walked through a doorway before they can. You can even practice this by putting them on the lead and walking them around the house!

This will help make sure your new pup knows who is boss. Everyone in the family should follow these principles to avoid any conflict.

As for training early training is very important. I prefer starting basic and once you have these under control then extending to more challenging ideas.
Choose a quiet secluded area where you can keep your pups focus.

Start with sit as they usually pick this up really quicky. From there stay and come are the best to use. For both using a lead to help you is the best idea.
With come get the dog on a lead. Give them a tug and ask them to come. If the pup turns or comes towards you give them heaps of praise and attention.

If not give another firm the pup turn towards you first say come then give heaps of praise. As the pup learns start to use more and more lead so they get the idea with more and more freedom.

Be patient and take things one step at a time so you don't over do it.
Use the pointers in Sit Stay Fetch and ask away if you are lost at all