New puppy

Posted by Teresa-M
Feb 17, 2009
Hi just brought home a new baby. He is a beautiful min. long haired dachshund. I am looking for the best advice to crate train while at work and go outdoors when home. He is only 8 weeks old. Should i give him bathroom area and leave crate open so he can use pee pee pads this young ? Also how to get through the night without whining every hour or so.... Please help us ???
Posted by LetsPlay
Feb 27, 2009
Hi there,
one thing to keep in mind is that it can be very confusing for a dog to use two different methods for house training, i.e. pee pads and going outside.
It is best to just use one method to make sure the dog understands what you are trying to teach him.
Do you have someone who could let him out while you are at work?
How long o you work?
8 weeks is still very young, so you might find that you have to get up once a night for a few days. It is very imprtant that you learn how to read his signs when he needs to go and avoid accidents in the house. Always take him outside after he wakes up from a sleep, about 15 min after feeding and after every play session.
I would recommend to read "The ultimate House Training Guide" there are some very helpful tips in there.
All the best for you and your puppy.