New rescue dog keeps peeing at night

Posted by purpleshelley
Sep 3, 2009
I am new to this website. I have just got a rescue dog Delilah. She is three years old and neutured.I have had her for a few weeks -very sweet. She is toilet trained and goes when we work her. However 5 times out of the 11 nights she has peed.

One time was my fault because I took her out for a walk at 5 and then went out and came back at 1030 pm-usually I also walk her 7. So to remedy this I also now try and take her for a quick walk before bed around 9. This worked the first night I tried it but again this morning we found she had peed. She pees in different spots.

Currently I walk her between 630am and 720 am, between 4-5pm and 6-8pm and now a quick one before I go to bed around 9/10.

We have got a back garden so ideally it would be good if I could get her to pee there, particularly before I go to bed as I would prefer not to do the last walk at night, though If I have to I will. I have taken her to the garden a few times but today was the first time she actually peed.

Any suggestions on what I can do to a stop peeing at night and b get used to peeing in the garden
Posted by kjd
Sep 4, 2009
Hi PurpleShelley,

Do you have a crate for your dog? If so, have her sleep in the crate. Most dogs will not soil their beds, so that should take care of the night problem. When I first got a 6-yr-old shepherd, I had her sleep in the crate she was shipped in. At that time, she was afraid of the stairs and I didn't want her getting into trouble. If you call it a cage, it seems cruel, but, actually, a crate can be a dog's best friend. And the dog sees it as a cave.

Posted by purpleshelley
Sep 5, 2009
Many thanks. Will it be easy to get her into the crate. At the moment we are having problems just keeping her in one room occasionally with the door shut-she scratches away at the door and has taken a few chunks out of the door frame. When we open the door she is hyper. She really does not like it. It maybe because she can't see out?

We have not got a crate but I will look into getting one. Any tips?
Posted by kjd
Sep 5, 2009

Make sure the crate is the right size for her. If you can, take her to the store and have someone help you pick the right size. She should be able to stand up and turn around. You can get a wire crate or a plastic one the choice is up to you. Don't force her into the crate. Make it comfortable. Try throwing treats into it and letting her go in and get them. Once she is OK with going in and out, start feeding her in the crate. Don't close the door. When she is OK with eating in there and goes in on her own, close the door for a few seconds, then open it. Gradually get her used to it so she doesn't think you are locking her up. Since she doesn't like being separated from you, stay in the room with her the first few times you shut her up. You can actually just push the door shut, without locking it, and see whether she feels she has to push her way out much easier than locking her in and having her panic.

OTOH, you may find she is already used to a crate and goes right in. I've been fortunate in that my dogs have taken to the crate immediately. One was uncomfortable until I got a cover for the crate (it was wire). Another had a problem because the first crate was completely undersized. Once I got the right size, he fit right in.

I think you will find it is easier to get her used to the crate than being shut in a room away from you. My experience with crates is that dogs like them. Dog people like them. Other people don't. Go to an obedience class and you will find crates lining the walls. The instructors will put their dogs in crates while teaching. The dogs are all happy in their crates.

Let us know how it goes.
Posted by KOPsarah
Sep 8, 2009
hi purpleshelley,
Along with crate training moving your dogs evening meal to a slightly earlier time and restricting access to water just prior to your last toilet trip should help. Once you have got her used to using the garden to toilet you may also be able to toilet her later at night and earlier in the morning therefore reducing the time she needs to hold on. Every time you take her out of the house for the toilet walk try her in your garden first, if she toilets praise her warmly and treat her and make a big fuss. If instead she waits and goes while on a walk don't make any fuss at all.

All the best,