Peeing on my feet

Posted by cartled
Mar 17, 2009
My 4 month old Golden Retriever is doing OK with the potty training with one major exception - he often pees on my feet while I'm cooking at the kitchen counter or sitting watching TV even though he may have come in from outside minutes before. Is this an aggression issue or is he trying to mark his territory because of my other dog (a chihuahua)? Can anyone offer suggestions for dealing with this?
Posted by KOPsBecks
Mar 19, 2009
Hey, thanks for your post, what an unpleasant situation, hopefully we can resolve it quite easily!
I am not sure whether this is a territory related problem or a dominance problem, but we can work on treating it the same way for either situation.
This is the perfect scenario as the unwanted behaviour will always occur with you present. What you need to do is be consistent, persistent and patient with training and I know this might be unpleasant given the nature of the unacceptable behaviour but this is the key to good training.
Whenever your dog come to cock his leg against you say "NO!" very loudly and assertively. Then pick your dog up and move him to an acceptable place to urinate. When he does urinate at this new venue, reward him with pats and treats. Don't try and punish him after he has already urinated on you as this will not work, you need to catch him in the act. Hopefully he will learn quickly!!!

Good luck,