Pug/chihuahua housetraining issues

Posted by bitterman6hotmailcom
Aug 30, 2008
5 month old pug/chi doesnt get potty training yet!
Can't use potty pads cuz he shreds them in a million
pieces. Will piddle outside then we wait for 10 min.
or so and come inside and he poos on floor. Can't
ever predict when he has to poo. Sometimes right
after eating, sometimes first thing in am. Always
different. Praise him alot when he goes outside
and not when he goes inside. Sometimes he even
pees or poos on his bed.
Posted by eyeluvdogs
Sep 4, 2008
Hi there,

Thank you for your post. Firstly we need to look at a general house training strategy. I would ask you to review our bonus book ‘Secrets to House Training’ for further ideas.

In order to help maximize the training of your dog, it is important to understand when a dog is most likely to urinate (pee) or defecate (poop). Typically, this can be divided into four categories:

1. A dog usually eliminates (urinates or defecates) soon after it wakes up, since during sleep urine production continues to fill the bladder. It is important to remember that dogs sleep several times a day and so have several waking periods.

2. After eating a meal a dog is likely to defecate within ten to twenty minutes. This is due to a physiological function called the gastro-colic response which is, in more simple terms, a bodily response produced after eating that causes a dog’s bowels to move leading to defecation. Since smaller dogs are generally fed two or three times daily, they will also need to be taken outside, or to paper (depending on your training method) after being fed.

3. If a dog has been highly active at one time, it is likely to eliminate soon after.

4. In general dogs usually also eliminate before sleeping each night.

As you can see, there are many times throughout a single day that a dog may eliminate. It is important to remember that, as well as these general categories, a dog may eliminate at any time and thus you need to be aware that accidents will happen.

Please use the following progression:

1. After mealtimes, waking up and exercise your dog should be gently picked up and taken outside or preferably lead via a collar and lead outside to your chosen toileting area.

2. While waiting patiently for your dog to eliminate, use an encouraging, high pitched tone of voice to say the word or phrase you wish to use. Repeat this while you wait. eg. “Toilet!”

3. Continue repeating the word you have chosen until the dog has finished urinating and defecating before giving plenty of praise and attention. “GOOD BOY!!, WELL DONE, YOU’RE SO CLEVER!!” – using an excited and happy high pitched voice. This praise needs to occur directly after the dog has finished in order to be effective. You may then both return inside. Do not play with the dog until it has eliminated. It may be a good idea to briefly play with him after he toilets outside since it may encourage him to poop before he goes back indoors.

You may feel as though you have been trying to potty train your dog for a long time now, but obviously he does not quite understand what is expected of him. Therefore you need to treat him as though he knows nothing of house training – start from the very beginning again!

All the best with your training!
Posted by puppylove
Sep 10, 2008
I 100% agree with everything eyelovdogs said, I only have a couple things to add.....

Make sure that when the puppy has one of it's "accidents" in the house that you are cleaning the spot(s) with a good oder neutralizer right away, don't allow the poo/pee to dry.

In addition to praise you could maybe give a small treat while saying "Good boy"! The treats can be phased out as time goes, and just use the "Good boy" after that. I have a Dachshund mix, and most doxies are very hard to house train. I used this method plus what eyeluvdogs mentioned and she was trained in a matter of 2 weeks. I have heard that Chihuahua are also hard to train as well, even if they are a mix.

Are you crate training him? Keeping him in a crate or gated area w/ out carpet when you can't keep an eye on him every second. It's not advised to allow a puppy to have full range of the house until they are fully house trained.

It's allot like potty training a toddler. You just got to stick with it!

Good Luck!