Puppy around an older, smaller dog?

Posted by YosSam15
Dec 30, 2008
Anyone have any good tips for getting a puppy not to try to play with a dog? I have an 11 week old lab and my mom has a 9 year old miniature dachshund. The issue over christmas was that my puppy wanted to play with her dog. He's already bigger then her dog and that breed of dog is known to have back issues.

I know he was just trying to play with her, but I was worried about him hurting her back by jumping on her. Anyone have any tips or is socializing the best idea?

Posted by KOPsBecks
Feb 5, 2009
When they are together, keep the younger puppy on a lead and if he tries to play rough with the dachshund then pull the lead sharply and say "NO!". Reward him for playing nice and gently. Soon he will learn what is appropriate behaviour around this other dog, if he doesn't then maybe he should just be on a lead around the older dog.

Hope this helps,