Puppy peeing in crate

Posted by Tracey
May 3, 2008
I have a 10 week old beagle who is peeing in his crate during the day. He can hold it all night (11:30pm-6:00am) with no problem, but during the day, he will pee in his crate if we leave him for even an hour. I make sure he has gone before we leave him, and he will still pee in his crate. Sometimes, he will go in there when the door is open and pee when we are home. He always goes when we take him out, and when he goes in the crate, it's usually a small amount. Also, when he does pee in the crate, he tries to lick it up. Any suggestions?!
Posted by Todd
May 4, 2008
Hi there Tracy

How long is he in the crate during the day? During the day dogs are more active and also drink more so naturally need to go the toilet more regularly.

The best way to avoid him making a mess is trying to get home at some point during the day for a toilet break. This doesn't have to be a permanent thing but may be necessary for a few weeks.
Lunch time is probably the best time as i sits perfect in the middle of the day

It could also be a habit thing so firstly try moving the crate to a new point to try and reset things.

Are you using a deodouriser? SOX and Odourex are great deodourisers that help mask the smell and stop setting up habits. Once you have cleaned up the mess give things a good spray with this to cover the smell.

As he gets older you may be able to give him a doggie door to let him out when he chooses.

Try and avoid letting him have a big drink before you leave. I am not saying to give him no water but if you can make him drink more when you are home and slightly less when you are gone it may help reduce the accidents.

If you do catch him making a mess make sure to tell him off and quickly take him to his toilet spot. If he keeps going at his toilet spot then praise him. You can also take the mess that you have cleaned up and put it in his toilet spot.

Good luck and please let me know how things go

Posted by Tracey
May 6, 2008
Thanks for your reply, Todd. Just a little more info. I am at home pretty much all day. If he gets left in his crate, it's usually for less than an hour, and I always make sure he has gone potty before we leave. I always wash his blanket in hot water with baking soda and laundry soap and clean the cage with lysol. He is a very smart puppy, but also stubborn. He wants to be outside to play all the time, and he gets mad when I bring him in before he is ready. He literally squirms and whines if I try to carry him in.
He does go potty on command. He will aways squeeze out a few drops if I say "go potty", but if he's not ready to come inside, he squeezes out a few more on the floor. I think it's because he knows I will take him back out if he goes potty on the floor. We play with him outside alot, but I can't be out there all day. We tried putting him in an outside kennel with toys, just so he could play, but he whines and tries to escape. I'm not sure what we are doing wrong. I have never had this issue when training any other dog, but I have never trained a beagle. I am getting very frustrated, and losing patience with him. Do you think we should try a training pad for in the house? We trained our other dog that way until we knew he was old enough to have control, and it worked wonderfully. We just transitioned him to the outside, and left the pad until he wasn't using it anymore.
Posted by JayStation3
Apr 30, 2009
My Pit does the same thing, I am gonna try this stuff and see if I can't change his habits.