Rescue female urinating when excited

Posted by alfie2008
May 17, 2009
Hi there,

Looking for some advice, i have just adopted a second rescue dog, she is settling in really well and i only have one issue. She is urinating when excited. This is only happening when she knows its time to go out for a walk. She gets really excited as soon as she sees me put on my jacket and bring her lead out. So far i have tried keeping her calm by not speaking or making eye contact and settling her down with a toy or a treat. But none of this is working she urinates before i even get the chance to unlock my front door. I have been taking her out every hour to two hours.

Thanks so much in advance for any advice

Posted by KOPsarah
May 21, 2009
Hi thomas, thanks for your post,
Probably the best way to deal with this situation is to desensitize your dog to all the signs of you going for a walk for example your jacket and the lead. There may be a few accidents in this first part of the training so have some clean up equipment handy! Start by bringing your jacket out, handle it put one sleeve on and then take it off again etc. While doing this ask her to sit, if she is calm give her a calm "good girl" and a small treat if you like. Release her from sit and continue to play around with the jacket, ask her to sit again and praise her in a calm voice if she sits calmly. Once she is reliably calm while you play with the jacket you can begin to put the jacket on completely. Repeat this at random times throughout the day so that she begins to loose interest in jackets being put on. Once she is reliably calm to the jacket start introducing the lead in the same way so that she begins to think of both of these items as just everyday things and not associate you touching them with walks. Once she is good with both lead and jacket you may also need to desensitize her to other walk cues such as walking towards and opening the door and putting the lead on. After several short sessions of several days your dog should no longer associate any of the normal walk cues with walking because she will know that you often hold the lead or open the door without going for a walk.

Also when you are walking her keep the whole experience very calm. Calmly attach the lead, open the door and walk out as if you have no particular interest in the event and don't let either dog become excited.

I hope this helps and I am sure you will soon be able to go for walks without having to worry about urine on your floor. Let me know how you get on.