Two messes everyday

Posted by Jrmazzola
Mar 24, 2009
We purchased the book last month and am writing to follow-up on the included personal email consultation.

We have two, two-year old shiatsus. My wife and I are gone from 9-5 during the day and the dogs have not been able to "hold it" for that period of time. Now, we know they can because on the weekends, when we are home, they do not go.

Crating is not an option for one of the dogs as she has separation anxiety and has hurt herself while in a crate. We are unable to let them out during the day because we work too far away. Currently they are confined to the 10x10 kitchen when we come home every day to a mess.

This has been happening since we got them. We take responsibility as owners for not training them properly as puppies. They understand to "go" outside when we are home. It's not having the discipline to hold it while we are gone that is the problem. We can even be gone for just a few hours and come home to a mess.

Please give us your suggestions. We would hate to ask for our money back but right now the options you give us are not solving the problem. Thanks for your guidance.
Posted by character500
Mar 24, 2009
I have owned dogs for over 45 years.I have had only one that could hold it for eight hours.I would never leave my dogs that long with no other option then to go in the house.Have you thought about hiring someone to come over twice aday to take them out?With the economy the way it is,I am sure that you could find somebody to come over.I myself am a dog sitter.
Posted by LetsPlay
Mar 25, 2009
Hi there,

two year old dogs have full control of their bladder, so it's not a matter of whether they can hold on, just a matter of whether they want to.
Leaving a dog alone (without human company) for 8 hours every day is a long time.
Do you have the option of getting a dog walker or neighbor to chekc oin your dogs and take them for a 10 min comfort walk?

You mentioned that one of your dogs has separation anxiety?
I think you might find that this is the cause for the accidents. If they can hold on for longer over the weekend, but have accidents when you are away then it sounds like your dogs are distressed and therefore have accidents.

Is that a new phenomena or have they been doing it for the last two years?
If you want to prevent accidents this is what you can do:

1. Get them checked by a vet to make sure they have no urinary tract infections
2. Get a dog walker or neighbor to check on them at lunch time
3. take them to work with you if you can
4. Have a dirt box in the kitchen that they can use while you are away

It might take some time training them to use a dirt box, especially if they are already 2 years old, but with consistent feedback they will get the message eventually. That way they can relieve themselves without feeling guilty and you don't have to clean up the mess on the kitchen floor.

Separately to the accident issue that you mentioned you should also work on the separation anxiety issue. If you need some tips and tricks on how to do it let us know.