Working puppy owners

Posted by caboyer69
Apr 17, 2009
We're getting a new 8 week old puppy (Goldendoodle) and plan on taking the first week off to help him adjust. But after that point we go back to work full time and we're looking for advise on how to house the puppy while we're at work.

We plan on crate training but are concerned that this would be too small of a space to keep the pup during the day (kennel is 28"x42"). We'll come home during lunch to let him out for a little bit but there will be 4 hours in the morning and then 4 hours in the afternoon that we need to leave the pup alone.

Please give advice. Is the crate too small? Do we need to section off a larger area in the room?
Posted by KOPsarah
May 7, 2009
hi and thanks for your post,
Sorry for the late reply I am a new staff member and am trying to catch up with any unanswered posts so that no one is left stranded. I was wondering how you and your new puppy having been going so far and if you have found a set up for your puppy while you are at work?