can you crate & paper train at the same time

Posted by jazzmom
Jul 8, 2009
I have a 14 week old puppy who is doing well with its crate training. He doesn't make a mess or anything. He also rarely urinates in the home but he sometime poop in the home. I was wondering if it would confuse him if we put down paper in the house so when we don't hear him or he just decides that he wants to poop?

thank you
Posted by kjd
Jul 8, 2009
Hi, jazzmom.

You really shouldn't let a 14-week puppy have the run of the house. If you cannot be with him, he should either be in his crate or in a limited area (bathroom, kitchen, laundry room). Putting down papers for him to poop on will not confuse him. Start with the papers all over the space so he cannot help but poop on the paper. Praise him when he poops on the paper. Gradually reduce the area where the papers are, but go back if he starts pooping off the paper. You should get him to where he can use a small area of paper. Meanwhile, remember to take him outside whenever he wakes from a nap, finishes playing with you, gets fed.