crate training two dogs

Posted by arlenet4
Sep 27, 2010
Hi there!

I have a question, I have two dogs and I would like to know if I crate training them in one crate or in two separate ones, and I would like to know why.

Thanks in advance
Posted by kjd
Sep 28, 2010
Hi, Arlenet4,

Crate train them in separate crates. Why? No matter how well they get on together, if you leave them in the same crate, if a fight encurs, you may end up with badly injured or dead dogs. You've confined them in a small place with nowhere to escape.

One of my brothers used to run a boarding kennel for dogs. He gave special rates for boarding two dogs in the same run until the day one pair decided to have a go at one another. He separated them without harm, but, from then on, he would not allow more than one dog in a run. The largest crate is a lot smaller than a run.

When I had more than one dog, if crated, each had her own crate. Usually, however, they both had the run of the house. (But a house gives you lots of space and places to get away.)

Other members of the forum may have the opposite opinion, but I don't think it is worth the chance.

Posted by arlenet4
Sep 28, 2010
Thanks for answering, im thinking of bying two pop up crate to start the training.
Posted by KOPCaroline
Sep 29, 2010
Hey arlenet,

I've asked a few of my friends, and our general consensus is that we don't see a good reason why you couldnt/shouldnt be able to crate train 2 dogs to the same crate. If they start showing signs of anxiety in the training you might consider giving them their own "safe" crates, but a lot of dogs enjoy close company, especially for when you are out of the house. As long as the crate is big enough for both dogs to stand and turn around, and they are comfortable with each other in their crate, it should work fine. You might consider individual training sessions of going to their crate on their own too, just so they know they go there when you say, not just when the other dog is put in too.

Let us know if you have problems or questions with the process, hope it goes smoothly!