dachshund housetraining Help

Posted by bthorna
Jul 1, 2008
I have 2 mini dachshunds, my problem is my almost 3 year old fixed male is still not housebroken. I have tried everything. He will go outside and then come in the house and pee. I have tried taking him out after he eats, runs around, sleeps/awakes up.

My vet thinks part of it is he is jealous of my spouse and seperation anxiety, because the problem is the worst in the evening when we are both home.

My other male is completely housebroken- occasion poop in the house.

At one point they were trying to mark the furniture- somehow managed to break that habit.

Any advise, would be greatly appreciated- I really don't want to have to give him up but, if i can't get him housebroken- I don't know what else to do.
Posted by luckypenny
Jul 14, 2008
Have you tried litter training? My brother-in-law has had great success. Try putting it in the spot he likes to go and see if that works. You can still work on getting him to go outside and not have to worry about your carpet.
Posted by bthorna
Aug 12, 2008
Big improvement with my 3 year old male doxie, started sectioning off the house to limit his access to the rest of the house, if he can't be watched he stays in one room. This has improved the problem a ton. Still occasional accident but nothing like before.

We have since adopted a third dog- lab/golden retriever mix- actually he adopted us- we have had Buddy about a month- and he is so calm. He has had a great influence on both my doxies.