deoderizing carpets

Posted by ljbuyer
May 29, 2008
Has anyone ever successfully deoderized a carpet to keep the dog from reoffending? I have tried all the enzyme cleaners. I've put white vinegar in the rinse water of my carpet cleaner. I spray the carpet with deoderizers after cleaning but my 4 yr old toy poodle still pees there. Short of ripping up the carpet, I'm at a loss. Does anyone out there have any suggestions?????
Posted by Todd
Jun 2, 2008
Hey there

A few other ideas. Give it a good clean with soapy water followed by a good product like SOX. Use quite a bit and give it 10 or so minutes to soak in before applying a little more. This usually does the trick.

If not a nifty trick is to cover the spot with tin foil/foil wrap. Dogs and cat hate walking on this and it usually helps things out.

Let me know how it goes

Posted by JayStation3
Apr 30, 2009
One thing that I have gotten good results from is amonia (sp?)... I mix it in with my carpet cleaner bottle and use it, usually I'll run over the carpet twice with it before allowing it to dry, but I did this once and it seemed to do the trick... Also have heard of the tin foil thing, but my pitt bull just tore the stuff up, didnt bother him to eat it or walk on