house training for my Ridgeback

Posted by Paky
May 23, 2008

I have a lovely female Ridgeback, I have had her for 3 months now since she was 45 days old. Since then I have been trying house training and it is not working.
We live in an appartment with access to the roof.

I have tried taking her to the roof after meals but she just plays for a while and as soon as she comes back to the appartment she pees or poos.

Before reading the house training part of sitstayfetch I used to make her smell the pee/poo and put her in a bathroom which I wanted her to use but wihtout newspapers. This didn't work, she would sleep there and as soon as she came out she would do it again somewhere around the house.

I removed all the carpets, so that she doesn't find the smell. started to apply the paper method by palcing newspapers on the floor of the bathroom and place a soiled one on top of the clean ones. but it is still not working , she still does it in certain places around the house consistently but never on the newspapers.

In the book it was stated that if she is caught in action take her quickly to finish in the desired area on the newspapers and then reward her when she does.

but what if I don't catch her in action ,and I mostly find it later. should she be scolded and taken to the bathroom or she wouldn't understand that ?

How can I end this?
Please help me.
Posted by Todd
Jun 2, 2008
Hi there and thanks for the post

Toilet training can be very frustrating but you are doing well so keep up the good work.
As for the last question. I don' think scolding helps but am a fan of taking the mess to her toilet spot so she builds up a smell base

If you catch her yes growling does help and for the same point praising when she does it is important.

I think taking her to the roof is a great idea. The times to do it are before and after feeding and play, everyhour in between and first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

If she doesn't go straight away play a small game with her and wait. Leave her a few minutes then try again. If she goes praise her as much as possible. If not wait and try again. Often squeezing their bladder will help them make their mind up.

Make sure you use a good deodouriser like SOX on the spots where she messes to make sure she doesn't make a habit out of it.

Give these things a try and let me know what happens. I can help as much as you need so ask away