house training yorkie x chihuahua

Posted by Scruffy
May 15, 2008
Hello I have a 3 month old yorkie x chihuahua and wanting to find out what is best way to house train as dog home alone all day as we work both work fulltime. Don't feel that create training will work as gone for 9 hours at a time.
Posted by Todd
Jun 2, 2008
Hi there and thank for the post.

In people working long hours you can use the crate if you can get home at lunchtime or at some other point to break the period.

Otherwise what i usually recommend is taking a week off work or at least a day either side of the weekend to focus on bonding, training and toilet training. The more time you spend with him the better he will be.

You need to be regular with when you take him out to toilet, every hour and before and after play/eating, first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Ask your boss nicely and he may let you take him to work with you for a while to get him into a habit.

The other idea is to put in a toilet pad or as i far prefer a dog door to let him out when he wants to. Take him showing him how to use it and that it isn't scary.

The last option is the paper training method but this would be my last choice.

Let me know what you think and i can help you more as you need it.